1st jump

Make your first skydive jump alone !

1st skydive jump

Experience your first solo jump at an altitude of 13,000 feet, accompanied by two highly-trained instructors, who will show you how to fly in the air and use the parachute. The open sky will become your favorite playground. An instructor on the ground will guide you by radio for a very smooth and soft landing right in the center of the DropZone, along with the two instructors who have accompanied you all the way. Your progression will enable you to quickly obtain a license.

Do not forget to bring a valid medical certificate, allowing you the practice of skydiving.

Training Progress

You will need about one week to complete your training (depending on the weather)
The training will start with a full day of ground school.

Six jumps accompanied by instructors who will teach you the correct flying position, the altitude awareness, the position to have during the opening phase of your parachute and the steering of your canopy in order to land safely on the DZ.