1st jump

Your first solo parachute jump

After half a day of theoretical and practical training in freefall, you make your first parachute jump in complete safety accompanied by 2 state-certified instructors.

The discovery jump is a solo parachute jump, unlike the tandem jump, you have your own parachute. You are supervised by two free fall instructors, who let you fly alone and open your parachute yourself, while watching over you.
After leaving the plane at 4,200 meters above sea level, you will discover the possibilities of action and evolution in free fall (position control, altimeter reading …) and once the parachute is open, during the phase piloting of radio assisted sailing.

Saut accompagné en chute libre

Saut découverte solo

365 € *

PAC theoretical training
+ 1st training jump

The discovery jump allows you to discover the real sensations of free fall before investing in a more complete training to parachute independently.

Discovery jump price: 365 € *

Includes theoretical and practical free fall training
and the parachute jump accompanied by 2 instructors.
* FFP Licence price not included

And after that ?

If you like the experience, and it is likely to be the case, skydiving is very addictive very quickly, it is entirely possible for you to continue PAC training. The discovery jump corresponding to the first of the 6 parachute jumps included in the PAC ** skydiving course.

What are the conditions for a solo parachute jump?

  • Be at least 15 years old. Provide written parental authorization for minors.
  • Make less than 90 kgs.
  • Provide a medical examination certificate, less than six months old, made to your doctor.

There are 2 doctors approved by the FFP near the aerodrome (contact us for info).

Europhenix 17 is a skydiving school approved by the FFP

** PAC = Accompanied Progression in Fall

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