AFF – learn to jump

AFF Training (french PAC internship) under the Royan sun.

PAC skydiving training (Accompanied Progression in Fall) is the most modern and effective way to start in free fall and achieve autonomy in complete safety with the free fall school Europhenix 17.

The objective of the PAC internship is to gradually bring you towards autonomy. After receiving theoretical and technical training on the ground, you get on the plane with your instructors to make your first parachute jump. The P.A.C skydiving training includes 6 accompanied jumps. Each jump validates the steps allowing you to take you towards autonomy in free fall (get out of the plane, fall alone, control its position …). The instructors, state graduates and specialists in the teaching of free fall, will brief and de-brief you before and after each jump with the support, the video filmed during your jump.

It is advisable to plan a week to complete the PAC course (skydiving is an activity dependent on the weather!). Ground training lasts one day. The skydiving school has a accommodation center near the aerodrome to make your life easier during the course.

PAC internship prices in Royan

Do your free fall course by the sea at Europhenix 17, an FFP approved school.

* Prices excluding license fees


€ 1,311 *

Theoretical training
+ 6 accompanied jumps
+ 1 solo jump
+ Introduction to folding
+ videos of the first 6 jumps


€ 1,583 *

Theoretical training
+ 6 accompanied jumps
+ 9 solo jumps
+ Introduction to folding
+ videos of the first 6 jumps

What conditions must be fulfilled to follow a skydiving course?

  • Make less than 90 kgs.
  • Be at least 15 years old.
    Provide written parental authorization for minors.
  • Provide a medical examination certificate, dated less than 6 months, made to your general practitioner: Download the medical certificate and questionnaire to be filled out by your doctor, as well as the list of contraindications to the practice of parachuting to bring the day of the medical examination.

Europhenix17 – Skydive Royan is a free fall school approved by the French Parachuting Federation

Watch the video of a PAC internship in Royan

Learn more about the Royan skydiving course:

Course of free fall training

After theoretical and technical training on the ground, you will make your first jump directly over 4000 meters supervised by two Brevet status monitors. They will teach you how to fly on your own and how to open your parachute yourself. Once your parachute is open, your training will allow you to come and land on the Drop Zone gently with the assistance of an instructor who will help you come to land safely using a radio.

* On the first day, plan the full day for training and the first jump.

Objective of the CAP internship

The 6 accompanied jumps during the fall of the course will allow the student to acquire an ease in free fall sufficient to be able to jump alone safely. The fall position, the altitude control and the opening of the parachute will be taught to the student and then controlled by the instructors during the free fall phase (which allows possible “live” corrections).

Note: students wishing to perform a single CAP initiation jump will benefit from the same training.

Following your CAP internship you can continue your progress by preparing to obtain the “A” certificate in parachuting (from 15 jumps).

Course of the ground training

1) Knowledge of the material

The instructor (State certificate) shows the students all the equipment they will wear: a helmet, fall glasses, an altimeter (to know the altitude during free fall), a radio (to be guided during of the phase under sail, open parachute), then the parachute itself.

The modern parachute that the student uses is a wing type (therefore fully airship). The handling of this equipment on the ground allows you to learn the basic principles and the handling of a wing.

matériel de parachutisme

2) The evolution zone

The discovery of the “drop zone” gives the student first visual cues to know the place in which he will evolve.

3) The jump program

The student discovers the exercises he will have to perform in free fall, from the basic position to the gesture of opening the parachute.

présentation du chemin d'approche

Then the instructor explains the circuit under sail which will allow the student to land safely.

stage saut en parachute pac

4) The rescue procedure

Despite the performance of current equipment, an incident (very rare) must be resolved using precise methods, for maximum safety. The student will therefore learn, from his training, to manage a bad opening and to open his rescue sail.

secours parachutisme

5) The final rehearsal

The student will fill out a short questionnaire to validate their knowledge of important points and safety. Finally the instructor will summarize the jumping exercises as well as the exit from the plane once the student is equipped.

You are then able to cross the plane door and make the sky your new playground !!!

PAC parachute jump program

1st jump of the PAC course: Discovery of free fall accompanied by two instructors. After leaving the plane at an altitude of 4200m, one of the two monitors drops you and flies in front of you. This jump allows you to participate more actively in your baptism of fall. You then open your parachute around 1500m then the monitors guide you by radio for a soft landing.

2nd to 5th jump: Learning basic figures in 3D. Back pass, front loop, rear loop, barrel, rotation, drift. Confidence. Beginning of autonomy in free fall.

6th jump: Summary program of the previous jumps and end of the PAC course with obtaining the elementary certificate.

And after that ?

Once your PAC training in your pocket, you can jump on your school center and prepare to take the A certificate of parachuting.

Book your skydiving course at Europhenix 17, the only school in Royan approved by the French Parachuting Federation!

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