AFF – learn to jump

Accelerated Free Fall training (French PAC)

You will need about one week to complete your training (depending on the weather conditions). The training will start with a full day of ground school.

Six jumps accompanied by instructors who will teach you the correct flying position, the altitude awareness, the position to have during the opening phase of your parachute and the steering of your canopy in order to land safely on the DZ.

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Free Fall Training Program:

1) Equipment knowledge:

The instructor will show you all the equipment that you will need for your jumps. From the helmet, altimeter, glasses and radio for your first landing, and most importantly, the parachute.
stage-parachute-pac1Discovering the canopy. On the ground, you will learn how a parachute flies and how to pilot it.

2) The Evolution Zone:

Visiting the DZ location at Europhenix to familiarize yourself with the field that you will be practicing in.

3) Jump Program

On the ground, the instructor will show you all of the movements required during the jump. From the basic positions to the motions needed during the opening phase of your parachute.stage-parachute-pac5The instructor explaining the flight path for safe and accurate landing.

4) Emergency Procedures

Only State-of-the-Art equipment is used at Europhenix. To minimize an incident (which is extremely rare) fine methodology is practiced for maximum security. Students will acquire the reflexes to have and learn the correct movement sequence to perform during an emergency procedure.

5) The final step: Rehearsal

In order to validate your knowledge, a test is given on the key points and overall security, then, the instructor will give a short summary of of all training and will dirt dive the jump sequence, as well as the exit from the plane.