Tandem Skydive

First Time Jumper – Let’s try Tandem Skydive

A gift, a surprise, an event !!! Let’s do it !!! Let’s jump !!!! It is undoubtedly the best way of discovering the joys of Freefall within the most beautiful DZ sight in Europe. Unforgettable memories.

skydive tandem jump free-fall tandem skydive

Trained and coached by our young and dynamic staff, you will discover the delight of skydiving right over the sea. At an altitude of 13,000 feet, you will jump from the plane and have the most incredible and thrilling experience of your life, all in about 50 seconds. Average speed: 130 miles per hour.

After the parachute has been opened by your private instructor, who is your constant companion, you will have the chance, if you want, to steer the canopy, thanks to the double commands, before experiencing your first incredibly smooth and soft landing. (No bones broken here!).

Prices for individual – group – company – team etc…

Tandem jump : 275 €
Video of your jump : +100 €