Tandem Skydive

Tandem parachute jump / Baptism of free fall in Royan

A desire, a surprise, an event? Take the plunge during a baptism of Free-fall! A unique experience that will remain in your memory.

Treat yourself to a tandem jump over an exceptional site, the Gironde estuary and the Silver Coast. Discover the sensations of free fall during a baptism of parachuting with a team of professionals in a center approved by the French Federation of Parachuting. Guaranteed sensations 100% adrenaline!

The course of the baptism parachute: after a presentation of the different stages of the parachute jump by the instructor, you board a PILATUS PORTER type airplane, for a 15 minute flight over the Gironde estuary and the Wild Coast. Now is a good time to enjoy the view before you leave the plane.

Arrived at an altitude of 4200 meters, you leave the plane hanging on the monitor for 60 seconds of free fall at almost 200 km / h. A moment of freedom and unforgettable sensations. At 1500 meters, the instructor triggers the opening of the tandem parachute. Once the parachute is open, you can taste the pleasure of piloting the sail with double controls. You have about 6 minutes to enjoy the scenery until you land.

chute libre en biplace Charente Maritime

Tandem jump

Your baptism of free fall above Royan in an FFP approved school.

Tandem jump price: 279.00 €*
*without licence

Share your experience with your loved ones by asking to be filmed by a videoman to keep the images of your parachute jump.

The video option

Keep an unforgettable memory of your jump and share this experience with those around you !! We offer you different options, choose yours !!

  • Video pack + on-board photos of the jump:
  • This pack includes video and photos of your jump.
    Price: 99 €
  • VIP pack video and on-board photos + videoman:
    Take advantage of two points of view on your video: an embedded point of view + that of a professional who follows you throughout your fall.
    The two points of view are used in the assembly, for a professional rendering which will be given to you the same day on a USB key.
    Price: 170 €

Tandem jump video in Royan

What conditions must be fulfilled to make a tandem parachute jump?

  • Be at least 15 years old.
    Provide written parental authorization for minors.
  • Make less than 90 Kgs (limitation of the material)
  • Provide a certificate of aptitude for the practice of parachuting issued by your general practitioner and dating from less than 6 months. (www.ffp.asso.fr/espace-medical/)
bon cadeau saut en parachute tandem

Do you want to make a gift? Offer a parachute jump.

The Europhenix17 “Open” ticket gives the right to a tandem jump valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

It is enough to pass a medical visit of no contra indication to the practice of a tandem jump (at your treating doctor) and to make an appointment at +33 (0) 5 46 06 51 48 to book your jump on the dropzone of Royan-Médis.

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